> Brendan Cross - Head Coach

From a young age, I have always had a passion for playing and competing in different types of sports from rugby, to badminton, athletics and gymnastics. I could never make up my mind what i wanted to do. Therefore, when I reached the age of 18 I decided to join the royal marines where my physical and mental capacities were pushed to their limits.

Towards the end of my career in the marines, I was introduced to CrossFit, I found that it was the best way to keep me at an all-round level of fitness, which was vital for my job. Since then I have taken my training pretty seriously, I have competed at a reasonable standard in CrossFit against guys in the UK and across Europe, and am always striving to be a better coach and gym owner.


> Kelly Wash - Coach

In September 2014 I started training at CrossFit Rayleigh and my life has been continually changing for the better ever since.

I had a coach who knew how to push me; I met many new friends who helped me develop these new skills and instantly became addicted to the ever-changing workouts. I’ve surpassed all of my expectations, I lift weight well over my body weight (and I know I can do a lot more) and my fitness levels are better now than they’ve ever been (and I have always kept fit).

I passed my CrossFit level 1 in November 2015 and I have been coaching in the box ever since. I love being able to watch someone reach a goal or hit a new PB, knowing that you helped them achieve something is the best feeling!

I will keep reading, watching videos, asking questions, take courses, constantly refining my understanding and delivery of the simple CrossFit principles to be the best that I can be.


> Adam Bradshaw - Coach

My dad bought me my first set of golds gym dumbbells when I was 12 years old. From then on, I pretty much did not put them down. Learning as I went, I moved into training in Globo gyms. I kept my love for fitness going as I joined the military, where I remained for 5 years. Then jumped from job to job over the following 10 years, before turning my training into my profession, coaching CrossFit and personal training.

  • I am 31 years old dad and part of a family of 5.
  • I have been a CrossFitter now since 2013 and I love it more than ever.
  • I am qualified level 1 CrossFit coach
  • level 3 YMCA personal trainer
  • Also owner of PT Hut Rayleigh
  • and level million in gym BANTS.

> Rob king - Olympic Lifting Coach

My name is Rob King; I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach as well as Olympic Lifting Coach at CrossFit Rayleigh.

I have been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the last 8 years and have worked in all environments and with all ages from 6 year old school children to professional footballers and tennis players.

I am a bit of an idiot but I promise I am clever! (doing a Master’s Degree and everything).

Look forward to meeting you.


> Jo Camp - Nutrition Coach

I started CrossFit in April 2015, I wanted to try something different and loved it straight away. There are constant improvements that need to be made in your progress so it never gets boring. I have seen so much change to my strength and fitness since joining.

I have always been interested in nutrition but since joining CrossFit this increased and I started changing what I ate to support the training I do and could see improvements in my performance and body shape. I have completed a nutrition course and have studied to learn how best to make healthy changes to support individual goals in fat loss, muscle gain and performance. I am now helping others to do the same.


> Luke Fisher - Physiotherapist

I qualified in 2010 from the University of Hertfordshire with a 2:1 degree in chartered physiotherapy and currently have 7 years’ experience as a physiotherapist. I have worked with various professional athletes throughout the years including 3 seasons working at Southend United FC and currently working with professional boxers, wake boarders and other athletes in all sports.

At one time or another, I have carried out assessment/ treatment for the majority of the CrossFit members for multiple injuries they have incurred. Due to the high quality of coaching, I have found it no different to working with professional athletes and being able to liaise with the various coaches gives me a great insight into the member’s rehabilitation and progress away from the treatment room.

Overall, I must say that CrossFit Rayleigh offers an elite experience with regards to rehabilitation that you would not get at any other gym, having the availability of professional coaches and the quality of additional therapies from kristian, the quality of care is way beyond any other facility I have come across.


> Kristian Whitmarsh-sports therapist

Ex-International triathlete, 3 x World AG Championships, also represented England and was on the 2004 potential Olympic squad. I have been doing CrossFit since November 2016 to help me with leg and core strength for 70.3 & full Ironman.

I have also set up a sports' therapy clinic in 2007 and I am currently working closely with all abilities of athletes. We look at prevention and rehab for athletes that want to find their full potentials in their sports.

I love working with CrossFit members as the sport is so dynamic and growing very fast.


What makes our coaches unique?

Simple, we ARE unique! Every coach is a different character in our box. Why? because they all reflect our community spirit and athletes on the floor.

What we share, for all intents and purposes, is that extraordinary enthusiasm to instruct and help individuals improve their quest for Fitness!

There are no egos in our box!

We don't mind your background, your convictions, your weight or where you originated from, as long as you are determined to work hard, we will always and passionately be behind you pushing you to make it happen.

We are always moving forward and exploring new ideas, and you should too. We acquire our knowledge from those who are better than us in the field, so that we can train you to be the best you could be.

"Today, I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't" Jerry Rice.