So How Did It All Come About Then?

CrossFit Rayleigh first started off running classes in January 2014 over at fungi fitness. Like many other CrossFit boxes, we started off small, and as the months went on we saw more and more people joining our community; that’s right! I said "community"; this may seem like a cheesy way to put it, but it genuinely is! how many times do you go into a virgin active gym or David Lloyds and see people actually interacting with each other, having a laugh, going to local events and competing at small in house competitions?

Less than a year later in November 2014 we then decided to move to a bigger premises on Lubards farm, coincidentally it was right next door to fungi fitness. Although at the time I was apprehensive of flying the nest and moving into bigger premises I felt like the growing popularity of CrossFit warranted it and in actual fact was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made whilst starting CrossFit, so with the help of the guys down at the box, we constructed our monstrous 50ft Pull up rig, hung up some rings, laid down the matting and opened the door to CrossFit Rayleigh 2.0!


The CrossFit Rayleigh Community

The Crossfit Rayleigh community is unique. From the moment you step into the box, you feel friendliness in the air. Everybody talks to each other, they do the class together, suffer together and work hard on technique together. There is no ego in here but smiley faces and down to earth people who enjoy having a laugh, sharing tips and techniques; and most of the times, pushing you so hard to complete that last rep!

And What is CrossFit?

> Constantly Varied:

In all commercial gyms environment, same routines are repeated every time one frequents one of those gyms; hence, your body might get bored and plateaus the same as you as a person. Your efforts become far less effective as your body learns and adapts to your old routines; and hence, halts your progress.

But CrossFit is different, it hits your body every time you visit the box by introducing different movements in each class. Workout Of the Day (WOD) is always completely different and unique to the one before it. It’s very hard to “plateau” when your body has no idea what’s hitting it next.

> Functional Movements Performed At High Intensity:

CrossFit is a fitness philosophy that is made up of a varied functional movements, which are performed at high intensity during every workout. These movements reflect what is evaluated as the best aspects of the already existing sports such as gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and much more.

These intense functional movements are ideal for maximising the amount of work done in the shortest time possible. In other words, The more work one does in less time, or the higher the strength and power are outputted, the more intense the effort is exerted; and the results are, sure dramatic gains in fitness and strength.

> Constantly Varied:Essential Everyday life movements

Workouts vary everyday and each movement is designed to be, with practice, perfected. The length of time to do these range of movements vary as well. One day, you might do as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of 3 jumping pull-ups, 6 knee push-ups, 9 squats. Another day you might do 3 rounds of 500m row, 12 deadlifts (body weight) and 21 box jumps, and so on. The whole idea behind these varied movements and time is to make you the fittest you can be in terms of strength, stamina, and also, helping you lose that extra weight you've been struggling with for sometime; an all round winner.